Glenwood Kennels
Preserving the finest traditions of hunting spaniels


Here are some videos that show what we are all about! Enjoy! 
Tough as nails and full of heart! This video and the two following were taken during a local Veteran's hunt that is combined with a memorial hunt that provides scholarships for local hockey players that Glenwood Kennels is fortunate enough to guide for. During this video, the hunter wore a GoPro. Shortly before this shot a hunter held off on a shot that would've sent the rooster into water. I instructed the hunters to go ahead and take the shot, to give the Springers a water retrieve. Minutes later, Darby got to make that water retrieve in water that was starting to ice over. You can see where she gets hung up in the slush and frozen vegetation on her way back. Gosh, I love the heart of a Springer. 
Glenwood Kennels English Springer Spaniels guiding a pheasant hunt on one of the first snowy days in 2019. This is what we live for! Watch 3 roosters go down... they are all recovered by our dogs. (Watch the third video for some retrieves.) 
This retrieve is one of the three that was made following the shots above. I like this video because it allows you to see the dog work in the light cover. Most of our retrieves are in much taller cover, like CRP which is very dense and about 5 foot tall, corn or milo food plots, or thick cedars or plum thickets. 
This is how we raise puppies (and children!)
From their first days, Glenwood Kennels Puppies have the most fun! Who else loves an evening trip to the CRP field?