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So happy to share my success with our Nellie. 
She has done nothing but bring joy to all of us especially our grandchildren! 
I chose Glenwood because I am an avid pheasant hunter and have been hunting for 30 yrs over dogs. I have had  the pleasure of hunting with Jen and Rodney and Jen’s dogs. It was special that my dog got to hunt side by side with her mother and sister. We have been hunting in Mitchell and Onida for 5 years now and having a Glenwood kennels springer makes all the difference. Living on the north coast of Oregon I only get to hunt a few weeks a year. What makes these dogs so special is what they are like to live with the rest of the year. Best hunting dog I have every had and that saying a lot as I have had Many good ones including a American field dog champion English setter, this was my first springer and wow did I get a keeper! Lucky?, no just a Glenwood dog they all come out of there like that. Best of all is how much fun they are when not hunting couldn’t recommend one of Jen’s dogs more!!
Dan Nelson 
Jen is a wonderful, careful breeder and dog owner. My Daisy is 15 years old now and has brought me and others so much joy. We competed in Obedience and Agility, but Daisy really enjoyed her time as a Tail Waggin' Tutor (part of Therapy Dogs International), when school children read to her weekly at school. Now retired, Daisy Dew is my constant, loving companion and walking partner. Thank you, Jen
South Dakota
Dear Jen,
 It is hard to believe that some 14 years ago I purchased my first Field Bred English Springer Spaniel, Cate, from you aka Glenwood Kennels. Cate died several years ago, however, she was a smart, happy family and hunting companion. She had a strong desire to hunt, great nose, flushes and retrieves to hand. Many of my hunting friends were envious.
In May 2011 I purchased my second Springer, Turk, from Glenwood Kennels. This dog is the most energetic, athletic and intelligent dog I have ever owned. He usually finds most birds afield, is a great flusher and retriever that retrieves to my hand in a sitting position, then off for more. This past season was Turk's best yet; both finding, flushing and retrieving. His hunting abilities are beyond compare and without a doubt the smartest and best hunting dog I have ever owned.
This past September, we went to the airport and picked up another Glenwood Kennels Springer, Zeke. I did not hunt him in the 2018 season as I wanted him to get as much training as possible. Zeke is full of life, inquisitive, loving, started good, retrieves and a delightful family addition. Lynn is very impressed with him, as am I. This coming fall of 2019 should be a great first season for Zeke. At his young age he is responding to commands (well most of the time), loves to retrieve tennis balls, artificial pheasant toys, and any leaf flying by him. A great bonus is that Turk has welcomed Zeke to our home and they are quickly becoming buddies.
I have always been impressed not only with the breeding but the thought and care you give each and every dog. You are always eager to contact us to see how things are going and that the dogs are ok. That is a very special talent and we appreciate that very much. We have discussed Springers quite a bit over the years and I do love your type of breeding and that is, in a few short words; smart dogs, with energy and a good nose and yet a great house pet that can be a couch potato and on command ready to jump into action and hunt up the birds. I thank you for your care and dedication and I am sure one day I will be calling for a new pup.
Finally, I can say that if there is a person that wants a great Springer that is a  great hunting dog and home companion look no further than Glenwood Kennels. I would be happy to speak with any prospective client.
You have made our home a very happy one and you have made me an extremely proud owner of several Glenwood Kennels Field Bred Springers.
-Jim D, Conneticut
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