Glenwood Kennels
Preserving the finest traditions of hunting spaniels

About Us

For over 30 years Springer Spaniels have been a big part of our family.

Living in South Dakota we know all about putting in an honest day's work. There are miles between farms, friendly waves are exchanged on the gravel roads and the state bird is a Ringneck Pheasant. This is why we live here. It's a great place to raise a family, including the hunting dog.

Whether it's a day in the field, a ride in the front seat of the pickup, or playing dress up with the girls these dogs are content as long as they have you. These are the dogs that will hunt from sunrise to sunset, and be up and ready to go again in the morning. They are English Springer Spaniels.

Our first Springer came to us in 1983 as a gift from a farming friend in Wisconsin. Our lives were forever changed for the better. I can still remember meeting Clyde for the first time; he came to us one fall evening riding in the front seat of the car. He was that exceptional dog who made people talk. Today I look over what became Clyde Lake and our "Good Dog Hill" where over a quarter century of hunting companions rest in peace.

The biggest day of the year for us comes the third Saturday in October, the South Dakota Pheasant Opener. From that day until the beginning of the New Year you can expect to find us tracking roosters with the best of the best. We do hunt the early seasons of doves, ducks, geese and grouse as well but there's something about a cackling rooster that really gets us going. A large portion of our season is spent hunting with family and friends. There is an ongoing competition that we have mastered called, "Dog of the Day!" At the end of the day if you feel your dog has earned bragging rights you have an opportunity to plead your case to a jury of your peers. This testimony includes anything from the 200 yard  retrieve, finding that wing tipped bird, or the fact that your dog did not spill the sandwich tray at lunch time. You better be prepared for some tough cross examination, and you better hope you have some of the only remaining candy bars to barter with.

One of the best things about being here is the access to the ground, water and wildlife. Our kennel is located in the center of our 600 continuous acre tract. We are bordered by the James River to the south and just a few hundred feet to the east of our door is the 20 acre Clyde Lake. Hundreds of pheasants, ducks, geese, turkeys and deer are at home here. We even have a couple of bobwhite quail and grouse that we bump into almost daily.

Growing up with Springers has made me appreciate my customers with children the most. Not only is dad getting a great hunting dog, but the kids are getting a best friend for life. This is the friend who will lick their hands clean after the ice cream cone and won't tell mom how that frog got in the bathtub. Great memories that will never be forgotten.

We truly do know what it takes to make that great hunting companion; a great sense of smell, desire to please, being fearless of the thickest cover or the deepest water, a great sense of humor, a snappy-stylish flush and a head held high as he proudly retrieves the bird for you.

Opening Day Tradition - The whole family gathers at Grandma Tuttle's!
There's a little hunting, and a whole lot of story telling and snacking.