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We have so much to be proud of with our dogs and puppies! But, if I had to choose one story to tell it would be the story of Skye. 
Skye was a puppy in Sugar and Tater's 2014 litter. I was contacted by a Forensic Canine Operations Specialist with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the spring of 2014. After much discussion, a visit from this FBI Canine Specialist who spent time at our kennel and in the field with our dogs and puppies, assessing their abilities, and a signed contract; finally on August 5th Skye traveled to her new home with the FBI. Skye was to be trained as Human Remains Detection dog. I was under the impression that her training could take 3 years, like other dogs in their program. However, Skye completed her training and was certified just days before her first birthday! 
As, with many things with the Federal Government, the FBI's Victim Recovery Team underwent some major changes with their program, and dogs were no longer being trained at or deployed from their facility. Skye needed to find new employment, which she did! Skye is currently assigned to Maryland State Police's Special Operations Command and works with Sergeant Rick Kelly, her handler.

She has been described as one-in-a-million and as a dog who is making a name for English Springer Spaniels in the detection dog world.

Glenwood Kennels' has specifically been recommended as a breeder for Human Remains Detection and Cadaver Dogs. We have placed more puppies in this line of work, and hope to continue to provide more of these kind of homes for our puppies.

Below are links to a couple of news releases regarding Skye. 

(In the second link, Sergeant Kelly refers to Skye's indication as "pointing." When the FBI first purchased her from me they told me they planned to train her to "point" as her indication, which they did. He is not insinuating that Springers are pointers.)